Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits Book Review

Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits Book

How did the Blitzed Brits cope during the Second World War? Read Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits to find out!

Blitz Bombing!

The Blitz covers all the awful facts about how Britain was bombed during the Second World War plus what were the effects and how the population coped. 300,00 people died in the bombing of Britain mainly in the London area and that’s why you will sometimes hear Southerners say “I survived the Blitz”. Blitzed Brits is superb at covering what it was like to be caught in an air raid, how we wore gas masks to protect us against gas attacks and what it was like to sit inside a bomb shelter. Many sheltered in the London Underground and there’s a good description in the book of how some people resorted to making their own bomb shelters.

Daily Blitz Life

People who lived during the Blitz had to learn how to put on a gas mask, even the children. Our kids were amazed at how kids had to carry their masks everywhere and be ready to put them on fast at any time. His was such responsibility for children, we think you will agree, and our kids feel lucky not to have been born during WW II. Most people hated the gas masks but accepted that they could be a life saver so learned how to put them on properly.

Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits Book 2

On the plus side the kids agreed that going to school part time would be great. The book tells us how some schools closed during the war, some went part time, while some just didn’t have teachers as twenty thousand teachers went off to war to fight. The children particularly liked the section on Enid Blyton that contained a story she had written that was true. The Curious Case of the Kit Kat is interesting and that’s all we will say on the subject so you can read it for yourself!

Many children were evacuated from the cities to the countryside during the Blitz, while our children didn’t like the idea of that at all. Some children had happy times in their temporary homes, while some were very unhappy and not always treated well. There are six true tales about evacuation included in this chapter with one sad story about a poor girl who was locked in a dark damp attic simply for taking a piece of gingerbread without permission. Our kids wouldn’t have lasted two minutes with such rules I’m afraid.

Further Features

Further topics covered in this title include

  • Rationing
  • The Black Market
  • Famous Wartime Firsts
  • Land Girls
  • The Royal Family

Our Verdict

This awesome book is both interesting and very entertaining. Our children enjoyed reading about life during the Blitz especially about how kids lived and what happened to them. We all agree the Blitzed Brits were a brave lot who coped with war well, not that they had any choice. There’s a good quiz section and the usual test your teacher quiz along with a host of Potty Poem extracts where kids must insert the missing last word. Our children had some very funny moments inserting words they thought would be appropriate. If you would like your children to learn the more intimate facts surrounding daily life during the Blitz, then Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits is a must-read title!